Request from rav simcha hakohen kook

Dear colleagues, shalom aleichem.

It is now 7:30 pm, thursday evening in new york, 2:30 am, friday morning early in eretz yisrael.
Within the last 30 minutes i received a phone call from rabbi simcha hakohen kook, shlita, chief rabbi of rechovot, a specialindividual known to many of us, personally. His call was followed by a fax and phone calls from his assistant, rabbi yaakov schneck.

Rabbi kook explained to me how serious the situation is in israel, more serious and dangerous than any of us can imagine.Eretz yisrael needs our constant and special tefillos.

Rav kook shared with me his very recent, within the last few hours, conversation with rav chaim kanievsky, shlita and asked of national council of young israel to share the following torah insight and torah request.
Spearheading this emergency campaign is rav kook and the bostoner rebbe, shlita. I share with you their open letter and request. Please share the letter, concept, request with your congregants this shabbos.

To acheinu bnei yisrael:

after hearing the heart-rendering appeal of gedolei torah to intensify our tefilos and torah learning
during this very difficult time for klall yisrael in eretz yisrael, we have undertaken to join and add to their request.

The torah informs us that in the war that moshe rabbeinu and klall yisrael waged against midyon, moshe "drafted"elef l'mateh, elef l'mateh---one thousand soldiers from each shevet/tribe. The medrash rabba and the yalkut shimoni explain that in fact, each shevet sent one thousand pairs, two thousand individuals--one thousand to fight and one thousand to daven. Each soldier had his designated person whose task was to daven and learn for his specific soldier colleague. And the torah tells us--v'lo nifkad mimenu ish, no one was killed from amongst the jewish army.

We brought this idea to rav chaim kanievsky, shlita,. He was quite happy about the idea and pointed out that dovid hamelech instituted the plan, as well. Each invdividual who was in combat had a designated person who was davening and learning in his merit.

Therefore, we ask of everyone --soldiers, residents of cities and towns that are under attack, those that are in shelters, all that find themselves in danger, to contact us, to give us your hebrew name and the hebrew name of your mother. We will find a jew who will accept upon himself/herself to daven and learn, specifically as a merit for your safety and security.

We call upon the jewish community- men and women, adult and youth, in the diaspora, to join in this holy
endeavor, accept a name of a soldier or civilian who finds himself/herself in danger. Bond with acheinu
bnei yisrael in eretz yisrael and "partner" in torah and tefilah with a specific individual, have that person,
by name, included in your tefilos, torah learning and acts of chesed.

If you wish to partner with a jew in israel, please contact us and we will share with you a jew who would be honored and appreciative to be part of your tefilos and torah learning.
By telephone, between the hours of 8-10 pm in eretz yisrael:
011-972-2-581-1911; by fax, 011-972-2-651-2950; by e-mail

In the merit of our concern for each other, may we see a successful end to this war, as it says in the pasuk, v'lo nifkad mimenu ish, without the loss of even just one more person.

- the letter is signed by the bostoner rebbe, shlita and rav simcha hakohen kook
- if we at national council of young israel can assist in matching a concerned jew with a brother or sister in israel, a soldier or civilian, please do call upon us.

Tel 212-929-1525 ext 100/101; fax 212-727-9526; e-mail

thank you, tizku l'mitzvot
rabbi pesach lerner
executive vice president
national council of young israel
111 john street suite 450
new york, ny 10038

212-929-1525 ext 115
fax 212-727-9526